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Yoga Teacher Training

100 Hours, 200 Hours & 300 Hours Yoga teacher training covers all the aspects of the Yogic Lifestyle.

100 Hours, 200 Hours & 300 Hours Yoga teacher training covers all the aspects of the Yogic Lifestyle.

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Detoxification Retreat

Yoga, meditation, breathing, emotional blockage detoxification therapy and naturopathy.

Yoga, meditation, breathing, emotional blockage detoxification therapy and naturopathy.

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Yoga Alliance®

All of our teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance standards RYT 200, RYT 300, RYT 500.

All of our teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance standards RYT 200, RYT 300, RYT 500.

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Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

Beginner to Advanced level Course.

Triguna Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, is an exclusive combination of ancient and modern teachings. Our ashram is located by the foothills of the Himalayas, free from the city sound and full of renewed air to breathe. As an apprentice, you get an understanding of the holy terrestrial where great masters, yogis, and mystics of all ages bathe in the spirit of understanding that is even more appropriate today. In Triguna Yoga Rishikesh we recognize that each student is unique. We support every student to teach and spread the importance of Yoga in their own way and with sheer confidence.

Interactive Sessions

Hatha, Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga

Triguna Yoga India is one of the most popular centers for Multi-style yoga teacher training center as well as Yoga, meditation, breathing, emotional blockage detoxification therapy and naturopathy in Rishikesh, India.

“Triguna Yoga is truly a magical place. Set far enough away from Rishikesh center that you can enjoy nature and the peacefulness of the ashram. The food and accommodation were wonderful, and the people were even more amazing. Everyone who works there is fully devoted to giving you the best experience and pushing you to grow and learn. (…) Everything that we learned was intense and meaningful. You won’t find a better place to learn Yoga in India.“ Shannon C. – May 2019 200h YTTC


Learn From the Best Teachers

Why Triguna Yoga in Rishikesh, India?

We teach Yoga according to the traditional Indian knowledge and methods. Yoga is about discovering your true nature, peace of mind, energy, and self-confidence. As most people know, Rishikesh is renowned as the spiritual center and Yoga capital of the world. A lot of people from various countries are joining Yoga in India to improve their spiritual and physical growth. Triguna Yoga School is situated in the outer area of Rishikesh, where you will find peacefulness, greenery, mountains, and the Holy Ganga river nearby.

In our school, we have qualified and experienced Yoga Teachers who will provide a rich Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC). The training includes Hatha Yoga (mainly), Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Naturopathy, a 4-day Emotional detoxification course, and much more. We are confident that a Yoga TTC with Triguna Yoga Rishikesh will be an outstanding experience you will never forget in life!

Joining Triguna Yoga Rishikesh is a chance to dive deep into the mystery of Traditional Yoga. During the Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, the student can mature the skills that are needed to share the practice (and lifestyle) of Yoga with others with sympathy, willpower, and understanding. You learn how to establish various training sequences of asanas.

This transformative training is a solid platform to learn how to teach and to develop your own unique style utilizing various traditions and techniques. The students receive consistent personal and group feedback and are given the opportunity to apply the feedback to each new teaching practice. Each student will be guided with ease and support towards the end goal of being a confident and professional teacher.


Our teams of teachers are dedicated practitioners and teachers who have led various Yoga camps successfully. Our main focus is to cultivate traditional teaching and values of Yoga with updated information on body-mind science.

Our teaching pedagogy has proven a great success in the studio method of teaching and has provided many teachers with a functional and innovative way of teaching without copying or mimicking. We help the teachers find their voice and their own narration in the practice as well as teachers. 

Our courses are created for people aspiring to evolve as certified yoga teachers and are appropriate for those wishing to expand their yoga practice further. Located in Rishikesh, the world’s yoga capital, on the banks of the holy Ganges River, our yoga school in Rishikesh, India, offers a beautiful haven for those seeking an experience and surroundings to evolve and transform their body, mind, and spirit.

Professional Yoga Gurus

At Triguna yoga in Rishikesh, you will learn under the guidance of Yoga Alliance certified and veteran yoga teachers. On observation of your breath during the course, our teacher will guide you which steps to do which to skip.

Pleasant Accommodation

The spacious accommodation of our school in a pleasant environment, which help you to learn the core of yoga with positivity all around. We have triple shared, twin shared and private room with attach bath & toilet for your needs.

Vegetarian Meal

A 3 times healthy, vegetarian and tasty Sattvic meal provides you sufficient energy to perform your daily tasks with great enthusiasm. Purified drinking water available 24×7 at our school premises.

Our Courses

Rishikesh Yoga Training & Learning

Our 100 hours, 200 hours & 300 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is designed as per Yoga Alliance® standard at Rishikesh India. After completation of the course, you will eligible to get RYT 200 & RYT 300.

100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

This 100-hour Meditation Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is artfully…

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200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

In the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, students learn everything…

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300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

This 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India Course is designed…

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Yoga Detoxification Retreat

Naturopathy and yoga detox retreat can be a great way…

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100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

Triguna Yoga India welcomes you to explore your yoga journey and deepen your yoga knowledge with this 100 hour yoga training in Rishikesh, at one of the most famous yoga destinations in the world.

This 12-day Hatha / Vinyasa flow/ Ashtanga-based 100 hours yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh is for people from all walks of life. The aim of this program is to teach participants useful yoga practices to apply in your daily life and have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

You will also get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Emotional Detoxification techniques, Vipassana meditation, Naturopathic and 5 elements cleansing techniques, Kundalini meditation, Sufi breathing, Pranayama and more! You will gain confidence to learn how to structure and run your own yoga classes.


200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

This 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is based on the traditional style of yoga along with the modern style. In this yoga course, you mainly learn about yoga philosophy, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga anatomy physiology, mudras, bandhas, mantra chanting as well as asana. This course is rendered under the guidance of experts who have immense knowledge in this field. You will learn all the aspects of yoga from the well-experienced teachers.

The yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh will also offer participants a first-hand experience of what is possible through yoga by removing energy and sentimental blockages that the participants might be experiencing, by cleansing the body and the mind and by going deep in the practices of original yoga.

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh

The life-changing 300 hours Yoga Teacher training in Rishikesh to give a new meaning to your existence. The program is a comprehensive one that will catapult your knowledge and practice to another level, altogether.

You will learn from enthusiastic yoga teachers who have studied yoga, meditation, and spiritual techniques from yoga universities since their childhood and Yoga Alliance certified.

Experience​ full facilitation and instruction to learn how to master your own voice, guide others in practice, and return to your passion, through the principles and practices of self-healing and self-realization.


Emotional Blockage Detoxification Retreat Rishikesh

Detox Therapy – A Way To Rejuvenate Your Body.

Our 10-days yoga retreat in Rishikesh, a deeper understanding of how you can use yoga asanas for mental health.

The Yoga and meditation by Triguna Yoga India are the best detox your body can have for the removal of work related stress.

  • Yoga helps in improving immunity, strength and blood circulation of your body.
  • Meditation reduces the stress levels and improves your concentration.

The retreat focuses on how you can heal yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally using the five elements, asana, meditation, emotional blockage treatments, detoxification kriyas, naturopathic detox treatments, and breathing techniques.

Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

Yoga is essential because it helps you learn something new! We will help you learn the basics and advanced elements of yoga. We offer amazing experiences which go beyond physical exercises; instead, we will help you connect with yourself on a deep level. You can explore your spiritual side and discover your personal path.

Why Choose Us For Yoga Teacher Training Course In Rishikesh

Our expert instructors provide an inclusive environment customized to your needs. In this case, we offer the perfect yoga teacher training course so you can deepen your understanding of yoga and learn about the valuable tools for managing your stress levels while improving your clarity and cultivating inner peace. You would have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who would share a passion similar to yours for yoga.

Join our yoga training school and become a certified yoga teacher today. You can also embark on a new journey of personal growth.

Faqs' on Yoga in Rishikesh
Why choose Rishikesh for yoga?

Nestled in the foothills of mighty Himalaya with the flow of river Ganga what could be the best destination to discover and explore your spiritual side then the land where yoga has born?? Rishikesh is a place that is filled with calmness and reverberates with spirituality and is a place that is known as world yoga capital. This heavenly abode is home to many saints, rishis, and spiritual seekers for thousands of years. Around 50 years ago, Rishikesh made its impression on the global map as a center of spirituality when the Beatles came to Rishikesh.

What is special about Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is commonly referred to as the 'yoga capital of the world' and rightly so. The destination is abuzz with visitors, who come here to learn yoga and meditation.

Why is Rishikesh so spiritual?

It is believed that when Raibhya Rishi undertook rigorous penance, God appeared in the form of “Hrishikesh“ and henceforth this area came to be known as Rishikesh. It is the starting point for the Hindu Char Dham pilgrimage, including Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath, to seek spiritual salvation.

Which is the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh?

Triguna Yoga India is famous for providing yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreats and yoga for beginners. It is located at Dhyan Mandir Ashram in Rishikesh. Among the best courses, Triguna Yoga is famous for 100, 200 and 300 hours residential multi-style yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

What do I need to know before yoga teacher training?

If you are thinking of taking a yoga teacher training course, here are some tip worth knowing before you sign up.

  • Give yourself a break from practice.
  • Read as much as you can around the subject.
  • Spend some time at your chosen destination.
  • Think about what your intention is for the course.
  • Don’t worry about other people.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.

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