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My time at Triguna Yoga was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. If you want to learn about all aspects of yoga in an authentic way, from dedicated and passionate teachers, in beautiful and peaceful surroundings I really recommend Triguna. The program is intense, but in the best way. For anyone who desires to learn more about themselves, to find more joy, to challenge themselves and grow, this YTT is perfect. I believe Triguna has created a great atmosphere for learning, where you have all the basic comforts (good sleep, amazing food), so that you are able to put all your attention and focus on your yoga journey. I am forever greatful that I found this place and these people, the wonderful teachers and my co-students, now friends.

Monja Halvorsen

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Triguna Yoga is truly an amazing place to study Yoga in a Wholistic way. The teachers are not only kind and authentic but sincerely interested in bringing the divine child that you are out. Everything is very well organized and the staff is taking care of all your needs. You can taste the love that the chef is putting in every of his exceptional meal creations. We had so much fun and joy was the theme. The harmonic surrounding passed on every student and we were able to experience a wonderful growing as a group, helping each other and becoming friends. To wake up every morning in such a beautiful place and practice Yoga while monkeys come by to say hello is truly a blessing. Grateful beyond expression being able to complete the YTTC at Triguna Yoga.

Christina Treiber

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Coming to Triguna Yoga to do my ytt was honestly the best decision in my life! I came to India to learn an authentic and original approach to yoga and to really learn from people who live it. And that expectation was more than fullfilled! The teachers are so wise and so so warm and kind. For all the transformation that happened I couldn’t wish for a better environment and people to go through all of it. The ashram is the perfect place to connect with nature and to focus on yourself and on the healing and releasing. All the people working there are just too kind and always friendly. The teachers are really competent and ready to really help you evolve. The shared so much of there knowledge (or I would say wisdom) and energy with us and I am so grateful for that! Honestly one of the best experiences of my life I will for sure never forget! Thank you so so so much for everything!!! Lots of love!

Anna F

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Life changing experiences in Trigura Yoga, 200 hours Yoga teacher training course.

I can not explain enough by words about how much appreciate to this course with Triguna Yoga. It was amazing experiences ever in my life and far beyond from our expectations.

Truly, this course was life changing experiences for me!

If you are looking for Yoga teacher training course in nature with enthusiastic teachers, I would highly recommend Triguna Yoga.

Teachers and stuff members are sooo kind and work with joyfully. Atmosphere of Ashram is sooo beautiful and helped us to connect with nature when we needed.

My homeschooling two kids (11years old son and 18 years old daughter) been inspired sooo much! Learning Mantra in Sanskrit, challenging to positions with Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga, Naturopathic knowledges for healthy living life, Meditation, breathing techniques, cleansing physical and emotional blockages, Anatomy, Philosophy…..They all loved all classes!!

Course is well organized! Teachers are all friendly and enthusiastic to their professions and ready to be with us whenever we need.

Food are vegetarian foods and always delicious, so we didn’t miss meats at all! We also experienced Yogi life through 5 hours Himalayan mountain tracking. I had been scared of height but I overcame that through this course! Amazing!

We will appreciate that we met Triguna Yoga FOREVER in whole our life!


From my son(11 years old):

At the middle of the course, I thought I could live in this Ashram with Triguna Yoga members for 30 years.

I also thought I want to be like Guru. Prakash once I become 30 years old.

It was really good, the teachers were really nice, and always helping when we have something needed.

The food is vegetarian, and sometime spicy but I like spicy food so it was delicious, you can tell if it is too spicy and if you are vegan so they will help.

The asana sessions are little hard, there are many asana(posture) that uses your strength so we train our body a little by little, if a pose is hard you don’t have to force yourself to do.

The alignment and adjustment session was one of my favorite session, I really became more flexible after doing this session, I really enjoyed all.

For me philosophy was a little hard to understand probably because I’m still a child, but I still learned many stuff, you also will get a notebook and a pen so you can write some note during the session.

We went to go in the mountain for hiking and it was great, the view was good and there was some nice wind, overall the experience was very fantastic, I really enjoyed thank you.

———————— From my daughter(18 years old):

As my mom has written above, it truly was an amazing experience. Before the course, I was not expecting anything other than a few yoga classes a day, but very quickly we realized it was much more than that.

The teachers truly care for what they do, and are always there for you. There is always a sense of calmness and security that makes you want to stay forever. I learned so much in this past month about yoga and life that I feel ready to face anything that I come across in the future.

At the end of the course, I was able to truly realize my growth from the time I stayed there. Some of these changes in myself were something that I have been trying to achieve for a while now for self-growth, and others were changes that I did not realize I needed. It’s crazy to think it was only a month!

The things I learnt here will forever stay with me and help guide me. Thank you!

Green Chai

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I cant begin to expain this hearfelt and profound experience! First of all, one of the main criterias I had while looking for schools was to become more confident and develop my teaching skills. It is safe to say that I very much am excited and look forward to giving classes after this experience! I absolutely fell in love with the philosophy classes with Prakash ji as we could have a discussion for hours... (continuing after hours :D) You will learn so much about yoga but you will also really experience it. The emotional detoxification and meditation sessions were beyond my expectations... I feel so free and I also feel lighter in my being after the whole training!!! Loved both the Hatha and Ashtanga courses! I personally suggest having previously practiced yoga for several months before delving into such a deep training. Each and every class brought their own spice into really teaching us the foundation of Yoga! and the fooooood!!! The chef is extremely talented ❤️ Honeslty dont think twice about Triguna Yoga, the atmosphere, the space, the greenery, the teachers and especially the people you will meet there will become your family ❤️ The best decision I've ever made 🙂

Anna Batrouni

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Thank you so much for a life changing experience. So much more than yoga teacher training you will grow and change as a person and see your self for who you really are. I was a beginner and was doubting that I could be a yoga teacher but after one month at triguna I am confident and knowledgeable. There are so many extra things on top of yoga lots of emotional healing and activities to help you grow. The location is beautiful surrounded by nature with comfortable and clean accommodation, the food is amazing, it is run perfectly from start to finish. Thank you to all the amazing teachers I feel so blessed that I spent time with you and grateful to receive your knowledge. Thank you Prakash and Samadhi beautiful people that put all there heart into your experience. I hope to meet you all again one day ❤️❤️

Chloe Robinson

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Triguna yoga has been a magic place where I meet authentic teachers and authentic people. The program is well structured, teachers open to new questions and ready for a laugh, always ready to listen and solve any problem. All the staff is well organised, good food and beautiful environment. 5 stars deserved. At the end of the course I have changed as person and understood what really yoga is. If u are looking for an ashram: TRIGUNA IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! Namaste

Eleonora Mattea