200 Hrs Yoga Teacher training


Though the Pandemic has brought many sorrows it has also uplifted Yoga as people have realized how important Yoga is for our immunity. People are searching for online 200 hours Yoga teacher training courses so that they can utilize their time at home and why not? For a very long time now, yoga is credited with keeping the body perfect and sound, keeping its equilibrium. Not simply from a psychological stance, yoga asanas are known to mend genuinely, as well.

This time, in the pandemic, as individuals search for approaches to stay healthy, Our humanitarian, profound expert, way of life mentor, yoga gurus have shared a few blends of stances and breathing strategies, with which you can fortify your resistance and keep lungs sound.

Kapal Bhati

In Sanskrit, ‘kapal’ signifies skull and ‘bhati’ signifies ‘sparkling/enlightening’. Subsequently, KapalBhati Pranayam is otherwise called skull-sparkling breathing procedure.

Kapal Bhati Technique:

  • Sit in a consistent and convenient posture
  • Straighten your back and close your eyes
  • Place your palms on your knees in Prapthi Mudra
  • Inhale regularly and center around breathing out with a short, musical and powerful breath
  • Use your stomach to capably oust all the air from the stomach and lungs by packing it
  • Inhalation will happen naturally as you decompress your stomach


Arrangement for Dhanurasana:

  • Start by lying on your tummy
  • Fold your knees taking hold of your lower legs
  • Inhale and lift your legs and arms up however much you can
  • Balance on your stomach
  • Look up and hold the stance for some time

Words of Wisdom:

  • In the event that you have harmed your shoulders, wrists, back or neck, kindly avoid.
  • Pregnant ladies should not play out this stance
  • Keep away from this stance on the off chance that you have had any  stomach or neck surgery.

Khand Pranayama

‘Khand’ signifies ‘part’. This breathing activity includes separating the breath into two additional parts/portions.

Arrangement for Khand Pranayama:

  • Sit in a consistent, and convenient posture
  • Straighten your back and close your eyes
  • Place your palms on your knees
  • As you breathe in, partition your breath into halves
  • Without holding in the breath, breathe out in two sections


  • Fold your legs at your knees and make sure your feet are set solidly on the floor
  • Place your palms close to your ears, with fingers pointing forward
  • Inhale, and lift your whole body up
  • Allow your head to fall delicately behind and attempt to keep your neck loose
  • Distribute your body weight equally between your feet and palms

Words of Wisdom:

  • The stance isn’t suggested if experiencing any sort of back injury or spinal issues.
  • The individuals who have a state of glaucoma, or potentially hypertension, ought to keep away from this posture.

Now that you have learned a few asanas we hope that you will be reading more of the Yoga retreats. It is amazing that Yoga in Rishikesh is now not just limited to Rishikesh but you can access the Yoga Retreats in Rishikesh online. Our 200 hours yoga teacher training program is what you need to go miles in Yoga. It is an ideal program to push your yoga venture forward.

If you want to turn into a genuine yogi, it’s an ideal opportunity to take a break from the buzzing about of the world and focus yourself totally on the 200-Hours yoga teacher training course.


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